Metseam are now partnered with ALM HM Ireland giving the ability to offer the Metseam "MSPro" system in various materials. These include VMZINC, Rheinzink, KME & Aurubis Copper, Stainless Steel, Elval, Euramax, Alcoa Aluminium.Classic or Modern, Urban or Rural ‘Zinc’ has the answer. 

Met-Seam® stock KME copper which is manufactured in a number of different surface finishes.

Tecu Classic Copper

Features a natural bright, shiny surface finish. This surface over time and when exposed to the atmosphere, will become dark brown in appearance, this is known as Oxidisation. With further time and exposure to the atmosphere, the copper will become green and this is known as Patinised Copper.

Tecu Oxid Copper

Factory accelerated oxidisation, the stage between bright copper and patinated copper, the surface is a dark brown colour but when exposed to the elements and over time it will become patinised and turn green in colour.

Tecu Patina Copper

This product is factory accelerated to the last stage in the aging process of the copper, the surface is a pre-patinised green colour. The patina will continue to form for years and although the pre-patinated sheet can have various shades at first, as the natural patina process develops the colours will become more uniform over many years.

Both the Tecu Oxid and Tecu Patina finishes although accelerating the aging process do not reduce the life expectancy of the copper.

Tecu Zinn Copper

A mill finished copper with a tin coating, it has a shiny silver surface which when exposed to the atmosphere and over time will form a natural protective layer and become matt grey in colour.

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