While MSPro® standing seam is the most technologically advanced and superior quality product within the market place, there may be certain standing seam applications that can only be completed by an experienced tradesman. One primary example of this is curved surfaces.

To meet your reqirements, Met-Seam provide a range of coiled metals direct to seam producers and craftsmen for use in situations were machined panels cannot be applied.

Met-Seam have a current catalogue of fourteen metal finishes from seven manufacturers including Corus, KME, Met-Seam® Steel , Luvata, Rheinzink, VM Zinc (Umicore) and Zintek.

We can provide a range of widths to suit your specific project needs, minimising waste and helping to maximise your profitability.

FALZONAL®, pre-painted aluminium in standing seam quality is a semi-finished coil-coated product whose alloy, mechanical properties and coating materials are coordinated perfectly with the processing techniques used in lock-welt standing seam roofing, and for our own MSPro profiled standing seam system.

FALZONAL® is ideal for folding flashings and complex details it can also be used for rain-proof double-skin, rear-ventilated roof constructions, or single-skin roof constructions without rear-ventilation. Falzonal is available in different surface finishes: Uni and metallic colours as well as copper, zinc or titanium imitations. It comes in 40 standard colours in 5 colour groups each with its own pricing band.

The next time you are in Belfast city centre take the lift to the top of the glass dome in Victoria Square shopping complex and look out over the FALZONAL® PATINA 2 patinated copper imitation dome supplied by MET-SEAM LIMITED.

The Product Information section, below, provides pdfs of each manufacturer's product including colour samples. You may also wish to view the Stubai product page where you can find out more about quality tools to complete your project.

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