MSPro Standing Seam

Met-Seam® MSPro is a highly engineered standing seam solution which can be used for either a roof or facade. It has all the benefits of a traditional standing seam system in that it is aesthetically pleasing, fully supported and durable, but has the added benefits of being manufactured off site in a quality controlled environment, and due to its unique standing seam design will be installed much quicker than traditional systems.

For the best on site performance Met-Seam® MSPro standing seam system is delivered to site in its own purpose built timber crate with all the panels cut to size and labeled in our factory along with all the matching flashing, underlay, clips, fixings, fascia, soffits, gutters and downpipes. Our ‘kit’ model has proved very successful as much of the work has been sorted prior to the materials arriving on site.

Timing is everything, we strive to get the MSPro system to arrive just in time, we communicate with our installers so that the system does not lay about the site and plan that the site installers arrive at the same time as the kit and because everything they need arrives together in one kit they can stay on the project until it is completed, no more jumping in the van to find forgotten items.

The Met-Seam® MSPro system utilises state of the art design and production with our unique standing seam design which is 40mm high and has a ‘male’ and ‘female’ edge. The male edge houses the clip location lug which also doubles up as an anti capillary action barrier and is profiled into the seam. The clips are placed on to the lug and screwed to the substrate, the female edge of the next panel slips over the previously installed male edge and is snapped into place, thus hiding the clips and fixings. There is no seaming up of the seams or using mechanical or hand tools, once the panel has been snapped into place the next panel is ready for installation and it is that easy, this has been designed to be simple, holding fast to our slogan of …simple by design…!

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