MSCas Metal Cassette Panels

The Met-Seam® MSCas cassette offers a simple cladding system solution that is stylish and prestigious in appearance. MSCas is manufactured to create Zinc cladding, Copper cladding, Aluminium cladding or Steel cladding. It is self supporting and can easily be installed on a fully supported substrate or a non- continuous metal or timber support framework.

The MSCas Cassettes can be used on both New Build and Refurbishment projects for External Façades, Internal decorative walls and external Soffits.

Each MSCas cassette is profiled along its length with one edge having a ‘leg’ and the other edge a ‘grove’. The cassettes are connected to the supporting structure with stainless steel screws via the ‘grove’ edge, the ‘leg’ of the next consecutive MSCas cassette is slipped into the grove of the previously installed MSCas cassette and thus hiding the fixings and the process is repeated.

MSCas cassettes can be manufactured in a variety of face widths and lengths to your bespoke requirements; however, designing in dimensions that suit the coil sizes will give the most economical installation. They can be manufactured with or without a shadow gap and up to 4.0m long. Depending on the face width and the installation location will determine the thickness of the metal.

MSCas cassettes can be installed either vertically or horizontally using the same methods. MSCas cassettes are supplied as a complete system, with all necessary flashings, trims, fixings, underlay and accessories, which are available in all of the metal options, ensuring compatibility of material finish and quality.

When installing zinc MSCas cassettes a continuous airflow gap of 50mm should be provided up the rear of the MSCas cassettes to eliminate risk of condensation on the back of the zinc. See our article about White Rust which explains the problems which can arise from condensation on Zinc metal when proper ventilation is not maintained.

Care should be taken in the selection of metals as incompatibility between metals and some timbers can cause adverse reactions. If unsure please contact us for further information. You can also view an article which provides more information and a table outlining Metal Permissable Contacts.

Our technical department will be happy to discuss your design, details and offer the various cladding options available for both appearance and the most economical sizes for zinc cladding, copper cladding, aluminium cladding and steel cladding.

See our brochure for further product information and our portfolio gallery of projects for which MSCas was deployed as the chosen cladding system.

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