Spafield Football Pavillion Holywood

MS Aluminium MSPro460 Used for the New Spafield Football Pavillion, Holywood

Met-Seam® Aluminium has been specifically manufactured for roofing and façade standing seam and cladding systems, it is extremely pliable and easy to work and form into shapes for panels, flashings, valleys, soakers, etc... keeping with out motto... simple by design...

Met-Seam® MSPro is a highly engineered standing seam solution which can be used for either a roof or facade. It has all the benefits of a traditional standing seam system in that it is aesthetically pleasing, fully supported and durable, but has the added benefits of being manufactured off site in a quality controlled environment, and due to its unique standing seam design will be installed much quicker than traditional systems.

The combination of the MS Aluminium with the MSPro460 System have achieved the great aesthetics and the speedy installation of the New Spafield Football Pavillion in Holywood

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Met-Seam Ltd Announce Zintek Pre-Weathered 40 Year Warranty


Zintek Pre-Weathered Zinc now comes with a 40 YEAR Manufacturers Material Warranty

Zintek Pre-Weathered Zinc Available in:

  • MSPro Standing Seam System
  • MSTrad Standing Seam System
  • MSCas Cladding System
  • MS Shingles Cladding System

Met-Seam Ltd Announce New MS Membranes

Announcing MS Membranes for Hard Metal Roofing & Cladding

We're excited to unveil MS Membranes, a brand-new product line made especially for hard metal roofing & cladding.


  • For Use with Zinc Roofing
  • Efficient Drainage for Removal of Condensation
  • Sound Insulation System to Reduce Impact Noise
  • Good Resistance to Compression under Permanent Load
  • Fully Waterproof Joins
  • Product Made to Current EC Standards
  • Helps Prevent Corrosion of Zinc
  • Easy Installation


  • For Use with Copper, Steel & Aluminium Roofing & Cladding
  • For Use with Zinc Cladding
  • Robust Vapour Permeable Underlay
  • Allows the Roof Structure to Breathe, Yet Fully Waterproof

For additional information click here.

Met-Seam Ltd Have Partnered with Samsung Metals

Met-Seam Ltd are pleased to announce the new partnership with Samsung Metals.

Samsung Copper is available in Patina and Brown finishes.

For additional information click here.

Met-Seam Ltd Launch New Online Shop

Met-Seam Ltd have launched new online shop for roofing tools.

Visit the link above and take advantage of the great offers!

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