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In the UK and Ireland we have a long way to go to catch up on many of our European neighbours when it comes to our choice of roof rainwater drainage systems. We still favour PVC and aluminium gutters and downpipes, whereas in Europe and in many of the Baltic countries zinc and copper is the material of choice.

PVC and aluminium gutters and downpipes are chosen over zinc and copper mainly due the cost involved, however, when you look at the whole life costs, that is the cost spread out over the buildings expected life, zinc and copper will perform well on cost.

Zinc and copper are obviously more aesthetically pleasing than PVC and aluminium, they are also less prone to leaking and will not fade with time due to UV rays, on contrary both zinc and copper will form a self patina coating, with zinc becoming a uniformed grey tone and copper becoming green and will add real value and character to any property.

Zinc and copper gutters and downpipes are suitable for commercial, civic and residential buildings.

When installing a zinc or copper standing seam roofing systems serious consideration should be given to matching the choice of roof drainage system to the choice of zinc and copper being used.

The same applies to slate and tiled roofs, were zinc and copper can complement the roof finish and further add value and character to the property.

Both zinc and copper are great for water harvesting systems helping to keep the water clean and pure.

Met-SeamĀ® keep in stock Zintek zinc, VM Zinc, Pluline zinc, Rheinzink and mill finished copper rainwater drainage system, including all brackets, bends, corners, outlets, shoes and fixings.

Send us your drawings and we will furnish you with a detailed list of components and a quotation.

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