Met-Seam Ltd MS Shingles

Met-Seam® manufactures MS Shingles which will give a very modern and distinguished appearance to any building. They can be manufactured from Zinc, Copper. Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel.

MS Shingles can be used on facades or roofs with a pitch of over 35°. MS Shingles are interlocking panels sometimes called tiles or slates and are fixed to a fully supporting substrate using secrete fixed clips.

The MS Shingles are folded on all four sides, two sides are folded over in one direction and the other two side sides are folded over in the opposite direction, the MS Shingle clips hook over the fold on the MS Shingle and are screwed to the substrate using stainless steel screws, the next consecutive shingle interlocks with the previous one and hides the clip and fixing.

The substrate must be a good quality 18 mm WBP plywood or a micro rib composite panel. On facades, a breathable membrane such as Klober Permo Light should be used below the MS Shingles and on roof applications, a structured membrane such as Klober Permo Sec Metal should be used.

The main field installation is quite straight forward to install, however, the setting out is critical for both the appearance and the most economical layout at openings and change of surface direction. Special sized and shaped MS Shingles can be produced to suit as well as half MS Shingles etc…

The MS Shingles can be installed in straight rows in a brick pattern or they can be laid diagonally.

MS Shingles are normally bespoke design, they can be square, rectangular or diamond (rhombus,parallelogram in shape. Our Rectangular MS Shingles can be of various lengths and widths which offer the designer great freedom of choice and pattern layout. To avoid an ‘oil canning’ effect on the surface it is best to use a slightly thicker metal, (e.g. in zinc 0.8 or 1.0mm is best).

Our technical department will be happy to discuss your design, details and offer the various options available for both appearance and the most economical sizes for the different types of metals.

See our MS Shingles brochure for more information about our copper shingles, zinc shingles, aluminium shingles and stainless steel shingles or visit our portfolio gallery to view client projects on which MS Shingles have been installed.

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