Aurubis Copper

Metseam are now partnered with ALM HM Ireland giving the ability to offer the Metseam "MSPro" system in various materials. These include VMZINC, Rheinzink, KME & Aurubis Copper, Stainless Steel, Elval, Euramax, Alcoa Aluminium.Classic or Modern, Urban or Rural ‘Zinc’ has the answer. 

Aurubis Copper who were previously known as Luvata supply an excellent range of copper which is an ideal building material, it is practical, durable, easily worked and virtually maintenance-free, and of course aesthetically pleasing. Being a natural material, it complements other natural building materials, such as wood, glass and stone. Copper can be recycled time and again without losing any of its natural properties and it adds value to the any building.

Nordic Standard™

Mill finished natural copper; it has a bright shinny surface, which gradually turns to shades of brown and green when exposed to the environment. This process will depend on many atmospheric conditions and could take tens of years.

Nordic Decor™

Decorative copper for use in interior applications. It has a texture surface.

Nordic Brown™

Features a rich dark brown oxidised copper colour. It is factory treated to look like the stage between natural shinny copper and the weathered patinated green colour. It is used mainly for roofs and exterior wall covering and can be formed into our MSPro standing seam system or indeed any of our cassettes, shingles or traditional standing seam systems.

Nordic Green™

This range is the last stage in the aging process and is already a pre-patinated green copper colour, for those who want the ageing look right away and do not want to wait. It can be easily formed into standing seam systems etc... Nordic Green is available in two finished surfaces the traditional finish which has a more uniformed green colour and the living surfaces which has a mottled pattern.

Nordic Royal™

Has a golden shinny colour and is designed for prestige applications. Its colour comes from the alloying of copper and aluminium; it is a very stable alloy which keeps its golden shade. It is suitable for both interior and exterior facades and can also be formed in our MSPro standing seam system.

Nordic Brass™

A golden colour that will change over time with exposure to the elements to a dark brown colour. Its colour comes from the alloying of copper and zinc. It can also be profiled and formed in to our MSPro standing seam system.

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