Samsung Copper

Metseam are now partnered with ALM HM Ireland giving the ability to offer the Metseam "MSPro" system in various materials. These include VMZINC, Rheinzink, KME & Aurubis Copper, Stainless Steel, Elval, Euramax, Alcoa Aluminium.Classic or Modern, Urban or Rural ‘Zinc’ has the answer. 

Samsung Metal is a leading Korean industrial group within the Korean and international markets for copper patina products. Being a natural material, copper complements other natural building materials, such as wood, glass and stone. Copper can be recycled time and again without losing any of its natural properties and it adds value to the any building.

SMC-Patina 3000

Sheet size 3000mm x 600mm.  Since copper was first discovered around 6,000 BC it has been in widespread use, with close ties to the human civilization in all areas of the world.  It has also been forever appealing and practical in modern buildings and modern architecture.  Due to the advanced technological process used, Samsung Metal has been able to produce the oxidized copper patina to have the aged appearance of the long 40 year aging process of conventional copper.  This process produces a unique and flexible material for construction and architectural applications.

SMC - Brown Coppers

Samsung Metal's brown coppers come in a light and a dark color, creating two different distinctive appearances.  The dark brown copper is sometimes considered bronze in appearance.  As for the light copper, this has the appearance of freshly milled material and with a simple rotation of the product during installation it can appear to have a different color creating a beautiful visual look.  These two wonderful products have been produced With a special chemical treatment of M20 onto the natural coppers and a natural organic clear coating.

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