MS AutoCad Assistance

The earlier you involve Met-Seam Ltd in your project, the sooner you will experience the benefit of utilising our knowledge and experience to deliver your project goals.

Met-Seam Ltd in-house technical specialists are ready to assist you in preparing accurate details for your project in AutoCad format.

Our technical specialists will listen to your specific project requirements, discuss these with you and offer solutions to flashing details and weathering issues. We will then draw up accurate AutoCad details and issue these to you. With our extensive knowledge and experience you can be certain that if any unforeseen detailing arises on site during the installation, you can rely on Met-Seam Ltd to assist you and offer relevant solutions.

While our MSPro system comes with a warranty this requires that any non-standard details must be approved by us before installation. If you are concerned that a detail may be non-standard, do not hesitate to contact our technical specialists who will be happy to review the detail and advise you.

Our MS AutoCad Assist service is free of charge on MSPro specified projects.

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