Guilbert Express Soldering Tools

The Guilbert Express company was founded by Léon Guilbert in 1905, at the very heart of what was still Belle Époque Paris. Now over a century later and based on the outskirts of Paris, Guilbert Express distributes its Soldering Tools in five continents through its distributors of which Met-Seam are one.

Guilbert Express soldering tools are exceptionally well built and assembled. Once you hold a Guilbert Express soldering tool in your hand, you will automatically feel the quality, comfort and balance of the tool. As a professional roofer you will know that this tool is going to do the business for you.

Met-Seam stocks a large range of soldering tools for every metal roofing application. Whether you prefer to use bottled gas with a hose and regulator or a portable canister gas we will have one to suit your requirements. We also stock a large range of irons to suit the tools as well as all the accessories and cleaning equipment that you will need to get the best performance from you soldering tool. If you look after your Guilbert Express soldering tools, they will keep on serving you for many years to come.

Our technical department will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice on the correct tool for your application. Met-Seam also offer training course on the best practice of soldering zinc and copper.

See our pdf brochure for more details about Guilbert Express soldering tools.

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