MS Underlay

MS Metal Underlay

25m x 1.5m roll (sometimes called hairy chest) is used below zinc in roofing installations, it should be laid from verge to verge, following a simple installation.

MS Metal Membrane helps prevent condensation on the back of the zinc. Any beads which form on the back of the zinc will be transported away to the membrane by the strands of woven polypropylene mesh.

It also helps to create an airflow at the back of the zinc, efficiently draining any condensation.

The membrane is fully waterproof even at the joins thanks to the rubber trim on the selvedge.

MS Metal Membrane will achieve great sound insulation to reduce the impact of noise (e.g. rain, hail etc).

MS Breather Underlay

50m x 1.5m roll is used below all other types of metals, including copper, stainless steel, aluminum etc.. It can also be used below zinc on a vertical installation. it should be laid across the roof from verge to verge starting at the eaves following a simple installation.

Permo Tape is used to seal the joints between rolls.

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