MSTrad Traditional Standing Seam

We profile Met-Seam® MSTrad traditional standing seam panels; they will arrive on site in their own specially designed crate along with all the accessories and flashing to allow the installation to start right away.

MSTrad Traditional Standing Seam systems can be used in both roofing and facades, they commonly have a 25mm high double welted seam or they can have a single welt on facades.

Although Traditional standing seam has been around for centuries, as you would expect techniques, machinery, and tooling have developed. There are some basic principles to its installation, but there are many variations of how one skilled installer forms the flashings and details compared to another skilled installer. For this reason Traditional Standing Seam systems are normally referred to as ‘out of spec’ that is to say that they are difficult to define a detailed specification due to the amount of skill and knowledge applied by the tradesperson on site.

For this reason, unlike our MSPro standing seam system, it is difficult to get any form of system warranty on a traditional installation. Some zinc and copper manufactures do offer a warranty on their materials, however, you need to read the small print as what is actually covered.

This may seem to be a disadvantage in a construction industry that strives to regulate everything, however, it is the freedom of the tradesperson to form a detail using all their skill and knowledge that has been passed down through the generations, that makes a Traditional Standing Seam system ‘Traditional’.

The key to ensuring that you get a weather tight installation is to employ an experienced and skilled installer. Met-Seam work closely with all our installers, offering advice, training and our wealth of experience and expertise to try and insure that all standing seam projects are installed to the highest quality of workmanship.

The widths of the panels are generally determined by the width of the coil of metal; in our opinion the maximum width of any panel should not exceed 530mm. Panels widths can be uniform or have a variety of different widths.

MSTrad Traditional standing seam systems can have short panel lengths with cross welts or it can be installed in ‘long strip’ with a length up to 12m depending on the preferred choice.

MSTrad Traditional Standing Seam systems need to be fully supported on a substrate. In the UK and Ireland this is generally a good quality 18mm WBP plywood or more increasingly a micro ribbed composite panel. The MSTrad Traditional Standing Seam panels are fixed to the substrate using stainless steel Fixed and Sliding clips, it is important to get these clips in the correct positioning to allow the panels to expand and contract.

Our technical department will be happy to assist you on specifications, detailing, drawings and best practice to ensure you get the best possible installation.

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