Pluline Guttering

PLULINE® D is a ready to glue rain water system made of pre-weathered VM-ZINC®, specifically designed for houses and conservatories and can be formed in ANTHRA-ZINC® or QUARTZ-ZINC®.

PLULINE® D is delivered in special kits with gutters, concealed brackets, stop ends, corners, running outlets, downpipes and selflocking pipebrackets.

In addition to PLULINE® D, we can also supply PLULINE® P, a semi-commercial & industrial building specification with the following features:

  • Several styles available including box,
    half-round and OG
  • Soldered connections
  • Larger capacity

All the benefits of plastics with the superior quality and appearance of zinc. PLULINE® D and PLULINE® P provide durable solutions to seasonal weather and climate changes.

PLULINE® and VM ZINC® are Umicore brands (opens a separate browser window)

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Rain Guttering

Modular rain guttering
in zinc and copper metals
from Zambelli & Pluline
for your project.

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